Loan Market


Insight is associated with a national finance broker group Loan Market which provides comprehensive home loan solutions in the Goondiwindi area, offering the following services.

  • Residential mortgages
  • Individual lending and leasing including investment, agribusiness, business overdrafts, equipment and vehicle finance

Insight partners with national broker group Loan Market 

Nearly half of Australian home buyers now use a mortgage broker to find them the home loan that best suits them.

To further our commitment to providing the services necessary to ensure the financial success of our clients Insight has partnered with Loan Market - Australia's largest independently owned home finance broker group - to bring you a full range of choice in home loan products.

With access to every major residential, commercial and business bank and secure lender in Australia (that's access to over 400 loans!) Insight and Loan Market are able to offer local knowledge, personal service as well as a national presence and competition.

Home loans

The type of home loan you choose will depend on a range of factors including the size of the loan you require, the property you intend to purchase, the deposit you have and your lifestyle.  Suitable loan types include:  standard variable or basic variable rate loan, fixed rate loan, honeymoon or introductory rate loan, reverse mortgage, building/construction loan, line of credit, non-conforming loan, low documentation loan, and options for low deposit holders.

How much can you borrow?

The amount you are likely to be able to borrow will vary between lenders, because lenders use different methods of assessment and different lending criteria.  A lender will review all your income sources and expenditure, add a margin, and then calculate your uncommitted monthly income.  The greater it is, the larger your borrowing capacity.