Treat tax time as an opportunity - not a chore!

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It all depends on your attitude!

You can look at the collation of your financial records for the past year as a chore, done because the government wants the information OR you can take the opportunity to learn from the past and plan for your future.

What better time than the beginning of the New Financial Year to make your New Financial Year resolutions?

Your lesson may be as simple as planning your meals each day to save you $20 on your weekly shop. Plan to use that money in a year to take a weekend away with a loved one or buy that outdoor setting you have been dreaming of.

The lesson may be as complex as changing the product you are manufacturing in line with demand and streamlining your production process to stay competitive in response to a declining revenue and profit. With the increased revenue and profit you may look at purchasing your dream retirement home.

The message is - learn from the past and plan and grow towards your future.

Consider your options: Aged pension (struggling) or financially secure retiree.

Not all people are the same and not all people have the same desires, however EVERY person has the ability to learn, plan and grow, to improve themselves and their future.

It is good to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

As you are preparing your financial records from 2014 for your accountant, change your attitude. Ask yourself and your adviser the following questions.

If I keep doing what I am doing, will I achieve what I am wanting to in life on both a professional and personal level? If not, what can I do differently?

At Insight, we love having these discussions with our clients. If you would like us to help you on your journey to financial success, give us a call!

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